Have yourself a merry little Stashmas…(or, Christmas makes using what you have in the cupboard)

So this year, we moved house, dropped an income have two kids, need new hall carpets and I have a feeling the porch might squeak through this winter if I ignore the damp, but probably not next year. Christmas is expensive -and I love the giving, but not the bills. No-one should get themselves into a penny-pickle over something that should be fun for everyone. I could go on about my loathing of spoiling kids with brightly coloured plastic, but I’ll restrain myself… I don’t have the answer for everyone’s festive-austerity measures, but if all the family-based ‘get back to … Continue reading Have yourself a merry little Stashmas…(or, Christmas makes using what you have in the cupboard)

Heartbombing Fun!!

So yep, plucked up the courage to sneak around a supermarket and leave a few hearty presents. I cannot believe how nervous I was…as a teenager I was far to nerdy and good to shoplift, and I couldn’t play poker as I get nervous when lying, so sneaking about was really tricky…even though I wasn’t doing anything wrong!! Anyhow, hearts were successfully left in the Valentine’s display of chocolates, in some cupcake boxes in the bakery section, tucked into a card and attached to the trolley. It’s pretty addictive and I might abandon crocheted carrots next time…Keep your eyes peeled … Continue reading Heartbombing Fun!!

How to Make…Crochet Girl’s Purse

This purse accompanied the shopping lists and used up lots of odds and ends of wool that I had knocking about. Took about an hour and was a quick, satisfying make, working in circles. Other colourways would work really well too -pick whatever you have knocking around your yarn stash. You will need:A variety of scraps and one base colour (here I used the cream), in DK or cotton;A 3.00mm hook;Darning needle;Scissors Read on for instructions! How to Make:Front panel:1. Ch5 and join into ring with ss;2. Ch2 and 12dc into the ring. Join with ss;3. Ch2 dc twice into … Continue reading How to Make…Crochet Girl’s Purse

Three things…

Three things found this week that made me happy. Simple (yes I am, as are they) but providing some brightness in January…Read in a magazine about ‘mindfullness’ which is a tad knit-your-own-yoghurt for me, but actually is like playing grown up eye-spy. I looked out for three things that were red to be more aware of what was around me. Going to practise¬†a bit more, take my camera and see what I can find. Have a go! x Continue reading Three things…