Hooking through the Heatwave… For the Meadow School Balsham Craft Gift & Food Fair 2016!

Across the UK, crafters, makers and local producers are busy building stock for the flurry of Autumn craft fairs and farmers markets that mark the countdown to Christmas. Yes, I’ve mentioned it, ‘Christmas 2016’! If it seems too early for gift buying, spare a thought for the crafters who begin their planning and making before the previous year’s decorations have been packed away.

The Curse of Black Friday.

I just can't do it. Well, I could, but then hours of time and love and energy would be rendered pointless. And how much do I have to give? For many crafters and artisans, Black Friday, Pink Tuesday and whatever the hell other 'cut-your-prices-and-take-my-soul' days are difficult. Heartbreaking. You want to shift some stock before … Continue reading The Curse of Black Friday.