Balsham Craft, Gift & Food Fair September Blog

Getting very excited wth less than a month to go! Make sure you come by the stall and pick up some woolly loveliness! xx

Craft, Gift & Food Fair, Balsham

Goodness!  It’s now September!  Wow, where did the summer go?

Let’s be honest.  Our British summers are can be fairly hit and miss can’t they?  In fact, the one thing you can rely on is its unpredictability.  No wonder our favourite topic is the weather! However, I feel like we had a fabulous August this year,  probably the best weather we’ve had for the summer holidays in a long while.  Lots of sunshine and lovely long evenings with many trips to parks and to the gorgeous North Norfolk beaches.  I enjoy watching the ever changing ocean stretching on and on into the distant big blue skies dotted with the occasional puffy white clouds.

However, time is moving, gathering her speed as we now head towards autumn and the weather is still glorious. I do love this time of the year with the fading light levels reflecting through the changing colours…

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