New beginnings, out with the old (respectfully) x

The eagle-eyed among you may have noticed that I’m writing from a different place (no, really, not just metaphysically) than my previous blog. Just before Christmas, the time came to find a platform that fitted what I wanted to do, and focus on both the words and bright, shiny images with equal weight.

So, here I am! You can still go back and read the old main page posts from here, and visit the old (but very much loved) site to remind yourself of the good old days of things like “The Wednesday Project”. It’ll stay, kicking about for a bit.


Which brings me on to general decluttering. I bloody love January. Now that we have summer in December (I actually have a ripening strawberry in my back garden, no joke), I like the fact that winter proper starts after Christmas. I welcome in the cold, the bleak, the grey.

It’s not that I’m some sort of sadist, intent on torturing myself at what can seem the most inhospitable time of the year. It’s just a calm time. A quiet, frozen, slightly austere time, where you can clear out the crap, tidy and bring calm, both inside your home and your head. The manic glitter (which I love) of Christmas has gone and you can take your time over things. Because what the hell else have you got to do when it’s chuffing cold and damp outside?

So bring it on. Chuck it out. Make tidy xx


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