The Curse of Black Friday.

I just can’t do it. Well, I could, but then hours of time and love and energy would be rendered pointless. And how much do I have to give?

For many crafters and artisans, Black Friday, Pink Tuesday and whatever the hell other ‘cut-your-prices-and-take-my-soul’ days are difficult. Heartbreaking.

You want to shift some stock before Christmas, perhaps this is your busiest time of year, and you need to secure sales before it all goes quiet in the New Year. Maybe you are a hobbyist, or make to sell for charities, pre-schools or other funds.

Most crafters seem to working at the margins of what is possible. Once I take into account my materials, overheads, admin costs, postage and then work out my time…I earn pretty much nothing. Which is ok at the moment because my hobby pays for itself and I reap the mental health benefits of being creative (hurrah!) which are priceless.

Can craft work as a business? You tell me. But if your local artisan or crafter, or designer-maker doesn’t offer you 50% of themselves this Black Friday, maybe have a little think why xx

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