Light as a feather & moss green…


 I love a bit of a challenge. This certainly covered all areas -stretching my technical skills, working with a yarn I’d never normally choose, and designing a pattern.

My lovely friend Timea wanted a swoopy, swooshy summer wrap, something in a strong colour, but light enough to wear in summer. It couldn’t be itchy-scratchy either (you know the way natural fibres can often be?).

After some Pinterest collaboration (you can have look at my Summer Wrap board here)and some yarn searching we settled on ‘Cumulus’ by fyberspates in bottle green (903). This yarn is light as air, and looks like moss.

For someone who usually crochets the brightest most chunky yarn I can get my hands on (and at a push some really dry fibrous cotton) this was really tricky for my fingers to get used to. Eventually I learned that it is much stronger than it looks, and after a practice swatch (something I rarely have the patience to do!) my tension wobbles were sorted.

This piece has travelled some miles too -first stashed in my bag on a trip to Dorset, then up to the Highlands. Sort of seemed right to work on something like this in a big natural space.


Anyway, it went to it’s new home this morning and Timea really liked it. Phew xx

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