"You can’t throw that away Mum!!"

After several days of threatening, I gutted my son’s room. I think the threatening out loud was more for my benefit that his -there was no way he could sort that pit out, and I needed to brace myself…

As any mum knows, this kind of bedroom purge has to be done when said occupant is at school -or more makes it back in from the recycling bin that exits.

Once the Lego pieces had been repatriated, dragons parked on the wooden castle and money box raided for parking change (before you shout, I’m honest and put the money in his bank account!) I tackled the ‘special shelf’.

This is a very wonky, hastily put up shelf that he can park little collections that he doesn’t want his sister to mess with (as yet, she can’t reach). Precious things go up there, collected shiny objects, badges, snippets of this, that and the other that at that moment in time were all important and priceless.

Once the dust had been chiselled off, and I’d put the tiniest bits into an old letter press tray, I stood back and looked at it. I can remember when some of those things were won, found or discovered. Other pieces that I thought were rubbish and might have thrown away have been placed on the shelf, away from pesky sisters and over enthusiastic, duster-weilding mums.

You might think you can work out what your kid might like to collect, to play with, and to get interested in. But the truth is they will kind of work out it out for themselves. I love Sam’s little shelf of curiosities, and it teaches me a heap about what who he really is x

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