Getting back…

I hate those blog articles that people write when they’ve neglected their blog for ages and then decide to put the work in again…only to ignore it. Which exactly what one of these is.

I’ve been working away at another type of job -and kept the Mrs B thing ticking over on Facebook. Let’s face it, it’s quicker to post pics, and scribble 15 words and feel like your building your business the speedy way.

Sadly that doesn’t leave time for the contemplative stuff. The ‘mindfulness’ when your mind is actually full and the kids are pressing ‘shoot’ buttons on the toy tanks and screaming. And there are soggy cheerios stuck on your Macbook.

And then you have a couple of knocks (things that need repairing, a customer that goes quiet) and you realise that having opted for the speedy entry into the craft community, your resilience is knocked.

So I write a little bit again (with a toddler firing a micro machine tank in my ear) without any promises that it will be more, but just because you are here, and I wanted more than 15 words to say: Sometimes this is hard. Fitting creativity into set hours of childcare doesn’t always work. Getting where you want to go is tough. And there are still soggy Cheerio’s on my screen.

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