Learn to Crochet: Week Two in the big Granny Square house…

So after the giddiness and down-right naughtiness of the previous week, the ladies of Balsham met again and wielded their hooks. And you know what, the swearing diminished. Everyone managed more than they had the week before -and newbie superstar Kate picked it up like she’d done in in a past life.

Despite a torrent of colds, chicken pox and general January snot-mageddon, squares were made -some even in multiple colours which is ace.I think the first two hours of learning a new skill are often the worst -get over the bump of making your fingers do something new and it does click. And there are less grazed knees than learning to ride a bike.

To top off the local crochet craziness, I also gave my first 1:1 lesson this week -proving that 2 tea fuelled hours can turned a knitter into a hooker. We got through a good deal of swearing in Afrikaans ( I can be rude in a couple of languages now), fought off the cat, ate cake and sped through chains to colour changes.

I think this blanket is growing….

Things I’ve learned  about passing on a craft skill:

1. Use light or bright colours -mums meet in the dark hours when the kids are asleep, or in January light. Dark blues are out, you just can’t see them.

2. Sometimes just launching in is more effective than the baby steps, and keeps you motivated when there is quick success.

3. Swearing (in any language) is probably just going to have to be acceptable;

4. When you have a good reason to learn, no one gives in.

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