A Woolly Christmas and a Hooky New Year xx

Pic: Natasha Gash @ Sophie’s Smile Christmas Fair 2014

My hook has warped with work this year, and it’s really begun to take off! I am utterly grateful to the crochet monsters in my neck of the words who have embraced the bright (often tacky) madness of what comes out of my workbag, and really helped promote my shop this year.

What next? I think 2015 might be interesting….

1. Classes are coming to Cambs! Yep. Going to spread the word and the skills;

2. An animal obsession. It ain’t no John Lewis penguin, but there will be a creature!;

3. New skills and my crappy attempts to learn them -time to get technical;

4. Crochet-bombing might happen, keep your eyes peeled;

5. Something for summer -making woolly work all year around!

Have a great Christmas, hope Santa brings you some wool, and see you next year! (or maybe the bit in between) xx

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