Five Currant Buns in a Baker’s Shop… (the pattern)

‘Five currant buns in a baker’s shop, round and fat with a cherry on the top.
Along came Hattie with a penny one day, bought a currant bun and took it away…’

Whilst working out how to crochet a waterproof canoe, I’ve worked on these for the music group Hattie and I go to on a Thursday morning. They have a great collection of toys to help with the actions to the songs, but were missing 5 Currant Buns…Until now…

You will need (for one bun!):
Size 4.00mm hook;
Small amounts of  pale taupe, white, red and dark brown dk yarn (acrylic is good for this);
Small amount toy stuffing;
Tapestry needle for the ends;
A glass to draw around approx 5.5cm diameter & pencil;
Cardboard (cereal packet works)

To Make:

Draw around the base of the glass on the card and cut out.

In light brown:
– Ch2, work 5dc into first ch. Jn with slst, ch2;
-2dc in each dc (5 times). Jn with slst, ch2:
– [1dc, 2dc in same stitch] around. Jn with slst, ch2;
– [2dc, 2dc in same stitch] around twice. Jn with slst, ch2;
– [3dc, 2dc in same stitch] around twice. Jn with slst, ch2;
– 5 rows of dc, jning with a slst at the end of each row and ch2;
– In final row of 5, join in the white yarn and Ch2;
– Pop card circle in the base.

In white:
– Work one row dc in each dc, but to make a drippy icing effect vary where you work the stitch -either into the chain, the chain space or the chain space of the row below;
– [2dc, dc2tog] around, three times. At the end of each row, slst close and ch2;
-Add the stuffing;
– [1dc, dc2tog] around twice, sneaking in a tad more stuffing if it needs it;
– Cut thread and sew through the last few stitches to close.

In red:
-Ch3, then work 5tr into the first ch;
– Cut thread and work through the base of the worked trebles and pull close. Tuck in other ends and work a couple of stitches to make a cherry shape. Secure tightly to the top of your bun.

In dark brown:
With the needle, sew in back stitch evenly spaced currant shapes around the light brown bun.

To finish:
Smush into shape. Attend singing group with toddlers. Deploy vocals and crochet buns.

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