Freebie Festive Pattern: A Crochet Christmas Pud (Chocolate Orange cosy)!

I know, you shouldn’t keep chocolate warm….but if the weather reports are anything to go by, we’re expecting an Arctic winter and therefore you Terry’s Chocolate Orange (or real fruit if you’re a health conscious type) might need to snuggle up to. I view most objects as crochet-able and this was a request from a friend…and why the hell not?!

Usual bodged pattern disclaimer: I am not a pro-pattern writer, you may need to bodge a bit here and there, but I won’t tell if you don’t xx

You will need:

A size 3mm hook,
A small amount of dark brown, white, red and green yarn;
A little button;
A darning needle;
A round, preferably chocolate sphere.


Row 1: ch2, 5dc in 2nd ch from hook. Jn in circle with a ss (Join in this method at the end of every row unless specified);
Row 2: Ch1, 2dc in every dc;
Row 3: Ch1, [dc, 2dc in same stitch] around;
Row 4: Ch1, [2dc, 2dc in same stitch] around;
Row 5: Ch1, dc around;
Rows 6-8: Ch1, [2dc, 2dc in same stitch] around (if you need to do a sneaky couple of dc’s at the end at this point that’s cool, we’ll keep it between ourselves);
Rows 9-11: Ch1, dc around;
Row 12: Start of the decreases. Ch1 [2dc, 2dctog] around;
Row 13: Ch1, dc around. At end of the row join with a ss in WHITE.


Row 14: Ch1, [2dc, 2dctog] around;
Row 15: Ch1, dc around, join with a ss then TURN your work (your making a gap to get the cosy on, with a button loop);
Row 16: Ch1, dc to end of the row and turn;
Row 17: Ch1, [2dc, 2dctog] to end and turn;
Row 18-19: Ch1, dc around. At end of Row 19, ch6 and make a loop by securing at the base of the first chain.

Fasten off and sew in ends. Add button to opposite side.

Holly leaf in green -Make two (or loads if very kitschy)

Stage 1: Ch7, miss one ch, *dc, htr, 2tr in same stitch, htr, dc**;
Stage 2: Ch3, miss1, ss, dc, join into the main leaf with a ss;
Stage 3: Repeat * ** up the other side of the leaf and ss at base.

Spikes: [Ch3, miss 1, ss, dc, ss into the next chain along on the main leaf] three times up one side. Cut off yarn.

Rejoin the other side, and repeat.

Fasten in ends, leaving one to secure to main pudding.

Berries: After affixing the leaves, make three chunky french knots in the centre of leaves. Tidy in ends.

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