Have yourself a merry little Stashmas…(or, Christmas makes using what you have in the cupboard)

So this year, we moved house, dropped an income have two kids, need new hall carpets and I have a feeling the porch might squeak through this winter if I ignore the damp, but probably not next year.

Christmas is expensive -and I love the giving, but not the bills. No-one should get themselves into a penny-pickle over something that should be fun for everyone. I could go on about my loathing of spoiling kids with brightly coloured plastic, but I’ll restrain myself…

I don’t have the answer for everyone’s festive-austerity measures, but if all the family-based ‘get back to what’s important’ Christmas ads are to be believed perhaps we should raid the cupboards, learn or practise a new skill and make a proper gift. I can help with that.

Festive mug cosies:
These would be great gifts for teachers filled with chocolate or posh coffee, or lovely pencil crayons…maybe that’s just me…

You will need:
A plain mug -these were less than a pound from a supermarket. Straight sided is best for beginners;
A small amount of yarn in a Christmassy colour;
A size 4mm hook;
A found button and a scrap of ribbon;
A darning & sewing needle.

The number of stitches you need to start (your foundation chains) depends on the size of your mug. I usually measure enough to go around and then drop two to ensure a snug fit.

Foundation Row: Chain (ch) enough to go around and drop two. Join (jn) with a slip stitch (ss);

Round 1: Ch1, double crochet (dc) around and jn to the top of the ch1 with a ss;

Round 2 & 3:(making sure you turn at the end of the row as if you are now working a flat piece -this is your handle hole!) Ch3, treble crochet (tr) around, turn at the end of the row and repeat;

Round 4 & 5: Ch1, dc around, turn at the end of the row and repeat;

Round 6: Ch3, tr around, turn at the end of the row;

Round 7: (This is the scallop top) Ch1 *half-treble (htr), 2tr in the same st, her, ss*  Repeat ** to the end;

Button loop: Ch7, then ss into the first of the ch7 to form a loop. Fasten off.

Finishing: thread ribbon through on of the treble rows and stitch in place on the inside. Add button.

More festive ideas can be found by clicking the links below!

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