Movember Crochet Moustache…

Contrary to popular opinion (that of my soon-to-be 5yr old) I have a little difficulty growing a moustache and can’t join in with the fun and lamb-chop games of Movember…Until…

This morning! I twiddled up this -principle is the same as the Poppy Appeal (thanks to those who used the pattern, ordered some and shared, a good £10 went to the Royal British Legion) -If you make it, take a little time to donate to this month’s cause.

You will need:

Small amount black dk wool
Darning needle
Brooch back
2.50mm hook (you can use larger, you’ll just get a bigger rash…not always a bad thing!)

To Make:

Leave LONG ends!!

Row 1: Chain 26.

Row 2: Starting in second chain from hook: [6sc, 3dc, 2htr, 2tr in same stitch], dc, repeat [] in reverse to the end;

Row 3: Ch1. [5sc, 2dc, her, 2htr in same stitch, 2tr in same stitch, 2 tr in same stitch, htr] ss in centre stitch, repeat [] in reverse until end and fasten off.

Using the lovely long tails, fasten off by weaving through the thinner ends and pulling slightly to get the curl of the Tash. Then STEAM to heck with an iron, adding a squirt of spray starch or hairspray afterwards to set. Add brooch back and voila!!

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