Chunky Crochet MacBook Cover…

Like Apple but not the generic plastic covers? Or don’t have the budget for a super-swanky leather effort (even though we’d all love one really?) At the end of the day I needed something to protect my new laptop from scratches, dust and damage, so I headed to Craftdays in Saffron Walden to pick up some supplies.

You will need:
(To cover one 11″ MacBook Air)
100g Chunky Wool (grey)
100g chunky Wool (pink)
Large sheet THICK craft felt (I used lime green as a contrast)
Size 5mm & Size 7mm crochet hooks
Sewing machine (you can hand sew)
Darning needle
10cm contrast ribbon.

To Make:

Note: the number of stitches required depends on the weight of your wool and your tension. I had some wool left over from both balls from this make so 200g should do it! 

Step 1: Using a rotary cutter and mat, trim down the felt to fit your laptop. You should be able to wrap it around both sides, with a generous front flap. Leave a 1/2 cm seam allowance at either side -Your laptop should fit snuggly, but will loosen over time so don’t leave too much.

Step 2: In your first colour yarn, chain enough stitches to cover the width of your laptop and then reduce by 3 or 4. This is to ensure you get a snug fit over the felt inner as the crochet with stretch. It also allows for some give with use.

Step 3: Work in double crochet throughout in stripes. I’m not a fan of super even colour stripes, so some were two rows, some 4 and some six, just to create a chunky effect. If you need to work out how to change colour neatly, you can click here for a tutorial. (Note: It’s an American lady and US ‘single crochet’ is the same as UK ‘double crochet’). Keep going until your work is just under the length of your felt and will wrap around your laptop. Fasten off and tidy in the loose ends.

Step 4: Tack the crochet to the felt, stretching it to fit. Then ‘block’ with a steam iron and leave to cool. This will set it in place.

Step 5: Using your machine, sew a row at the top and bottom edge of the crochet, and through the two fold points. This keeps the crochet work in place and will stop sagging. Make sure at the top and bottom edge you sew at least one row in as you will need to be able to work these rows when neatening up.

Step 6: Fold up the main flap that your laptop will sit in, and (FIDDLY BIT!!) pulling back the crochet, machine stitch the felt up the two sides.

Step 7: In some of the remaining yarn (pick either colour), starting at one of the bottom corners, double crochet the two sides together.

Step 8: When you reach the flap, you will need to hand sew a running stitch around the two sides and across the top, to provide a base for the crochet to work into (see photo). Then keep double crocheting all the way up, across and down the flap section, and down the remaining side. Fasten off and work in loose ends.

Step 9: Add your button and sew in ribbon loop.

Want to adapt this? This principle would make an iPad cover, or in a lighter yarn, lighter felt and smaller hooks a smartphone case. If it were smaller but still with the width, it could also make a clutch bag…Let me know what you make with it xx

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