Spooky Halloween Craft Happenings…

It being half term, I have a Sam to amuse. You may have looked over ‘The Wednesday Project’ pages before, where Sam and I took on various craft and cooking activities whilst I was on maternity leave…Some were good, some were more for my benefit I think and most were messy!

Three very lovely ladies; Helen, Charlie and Trudie (the ‘Three Wise Women’) decided to run a spooky badge making class out of Helen’s studio in the Essex countryside. They have all the facilities required to entertain, amuse and inspire small groups of crafty kids for nearly two hours.

For £10, diddy crafters had access to great tuition, a wide range of craft supplies and equipment, all in a converted barn space (that has it’s own loo too!). The morning was topped off with coffee for mums that stayed (they didn’t mind if you popped off for an hour as long as you leave your contact number), juice and cookies for the kids.

Everyone who came had the chance to colour, design and decorate several badges which were then pressed in a badge-making machine. This covered the designs in plastic and gave each one a professional finish. Then badges could be mounted on cards (Sam made a den for his badge monster) for spooky offerings to friends.

The time zipped past and contrary to my personal obsessive need to keep everything tidy, creative mess was allowed (which I actually enjoyed, honest). Having Helen on hand for the arty advice was brilliant for the children, many of who already had her illustrations on their bedroom walls and in their houses. Charlotte was a whizz with the scary badge press and Trudie has super craft skills and is great at explaining the instructions to groups of kids that vary in age.

The Three Wise Women are happy to run badge parties and I can honestly recommend them for birthday groups, or even Christmas and Easter themed sessions. I’m sure they could even be talked into a bit of baby shower/hen crafting if the prosecco was provided…

To find out more, visit Helen’s Facebook page or follow any of the link clicks on this page. Helen also has a fabulously festive range of Christmas cards and illustrations (originals and prints) available from her studio and can be contacted via her etsy page…Have a snoop and support UK crafters & artists! xx

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