Crochet this poppy day…

I’ve been super busy crocheting stock for a local primary school fair on Nov 17th, and posted some of my ideas on Facebook…Then someone (I guess by his profile, a soldier) suggested poppies. Obviously it’s a charity close to my heart and it’s nice to give something back and do my bit too. I’d seen some of these last year, but my skills weren’t quite there then, but this year I thought I’d give it a go.

The following pattern is one I twiddled out myself, so apologies for any dodgy instructions as I’m not a natural pattern writer. Please contact me if stuck! Feel free to use it to make your own poppy for November 11th 2013, but I would ask that you make a donation to the Royal British Legion when you see a collection tin or via their website.

[Alternatively I can make you one and pop it in the post -£2, where £1 goes straight to the appeal, and the other pound covers the fixings and postage in the UK. Obviously if you want a few, I’ll only charge the actual postage and all the rest will go to the charity! Just e-mail at]

Crochet Poppy:

You will need:
Scraps of black, red and green yarn (DK)
Size 3.50mm hook
Brooch back or safety pin
Darning needle

Black Middle:

  • Ch2, 7dc into the 2nd ch from hook. Join with a ss into first dc;
  • Ch1. 2dc into each previous dc. Join at the end of the circle with a ss and pull thread through (14).

Red Upper Petal:

  • Join in red, and in back loop only, dc into the next 8 black dc’s. At end of row, turn;
  • Ch2 (counts as your 1st tr), 1tr, 2tr into each of the next 5 dc’s, 1tr, 1tr. Cut yarn and pull through.

Red Lower Petal:

  • Working on the WS. Join in red into the back bump of the first round of red dc’s of the upper petal. This creates your overlappy bit!. Dc into the front loop only, around the remaining unworked black dc’s, finishing into the first red back bump on the other side. Turn. (10);
  • Ch2 (counts as your first tr), 1tr, 2tr into each of the next 5 dc’s, 1tr, 1tr. Cut yarn and pull through.


  • Ch7 and working into the first side of the chain: ss into 2nd ch from the hook, dc, htr, 2tr, htr, dc;
  • Ch2, ss into 2nd ch, then working back up the other side: dc, htr, 2tr, htr, dc, ss to end.

Work in all loose ends and sew on the pin fastening to the back.

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