The End of Summer…

Sounds a bit E. M. Forster that, but is clearly not that literary. My boy has (finally) started school and the weather has turned. All of this is good.

I was looking over some photos that I’d taken on Instagram over the past couple of months, where I thought not a lot had happened that super exciting, or bright, or creative. But it had. We’ve moved house and there are small corners of the house that are emerging from boxes and beginning to have a ‘look’ of us about them…and not just dust bunnies and lost socks.

We took the kids to a field in Hampshire for BBC Children in Need’s Carfest, missed the crazy weather and had a brilliant weekend, despite losing Hattie at 3am under a sleeping bag. Hardly ethical parenting but they were happy for three days and so were we.

There’s been food, harvest and jam making, Pimms, ice cream and fairground rides. We built dens in removals boxes, went back to bed at inappropriate times of the day and watched at least ten cumulative hours of Scoobydoo.

Very little was planned, very little cost the earth and it makes me smile to think back over it all. Must have been good. x

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