There’s a lovely little movement on social media…one that’s growing and that you might like to take part in; The Craft Swap.

This month (via Instagram) I’ve been making for a lady in Derbyshire (not saying anymore than that, so there) along the theme of Alice in Wonderland. The idea is simple; one person decides to organise a swap of all those signed up, and then you make a set of gifts along a theme and budget. We have £10 to spend, must send four gifts min and one must be handmade. There is a set ‘reveal’ day and we all get a lovely package in the post. And it’s probably not even your birthday, how good is that?

Why should you get involved? 
1. It makes you think creatively along a theme that you might not otherwise have explored yourself;
2. It’s great for getting you into the process of making and away from the bloomin’ computer;
3. It is of greater benefit to the world of social media, that spends it’s time being slated;
4. It just a nice thing to do.

So have a go. Check out Instagram (do an ‘explore’ #craftswap and see what’s running) or how about run one yourself through Facebook or your e-mail address book. And importantly, share what you’re up to, it’ll encourage more crafters to get busy!

(I’ll let you know what comes in the post for me on August 19th xx)

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