This is such a 1980’s problem -a perfectly reasonable filofax malfunctions in the elastic strappy-thing department. No problem -time for a quick fix!

You will need:
-Sturdy velcro (15cm strip);
-Two contrasting bits of fabric (one sturdy, one not);
-Some ribbon (as long as diary around plus 15cm);
-A chunky button;
-A sewing machine & usual bits & bobs…

How to…

1. Measure your diary around and add about 15cms to allow for overlap;

2. Trim fabric to the width of the velcro plus 1cm either side for a seam allowance. Also trim bondaweb sheet to match;

3. Sew ribbon strip to the outer fabric (this should be the sturdier one);

4. Iron bondaweb to the inner fabric, but leave paper backing on;

5. With right sides together, sew down either side of the fabric strips, making sure the ends are secured for turning, then peel off the paper backing of the bondaweb;

6. Fiddly annoying bit!! Turn the strap right side in, then press with a hot iron to glue the insides together -this makes it really crisp and neat;

7. Turn in the ends and hand sew discreetly;

8. Machine sew the two sides of velcro on the appropriate ends of the strap -check twice that it actually works around your diary before sewing as it’s easy to sew both parts of the velcro to the same side!! Tip: on the front of the strap, make sure your sewing is super neat as it will show, and run a couple of rows forward and back at either end to make sure it’s secure. I used contrasting thread so it looked funky;

9. Hand sew button with sturdy thread (embroidery will do);

(my diary also had two punctured holes in the leather midway down the spine -I used a couple of stitches to secure it).

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