Crikey, my bloomers are a-flappin’ in the wind….(or, a crochet peg-bowl)

Yep, it might just be Spring. I’ve been making this for a while, but couldn’t put it to good use due to the rain….for the last 6 months…

It’s a pretty simple make in terms of pattern -if you can crochet in flat circles (have a look at my placemat cover) you can do this one easy. Once you’ve crocheted a base to the size you’d like -which I guess depends upon the amount of laundry you do and the number of pegs that you have-, just work ‘up’ in a big spiral without any increases or decreases. This means you get nice tubular sides.

The real problem with working with garden twine is the fact that it’s hard on your hands. I couldn’t sit and do this project in one go, I would really recommend an ergonomic hook (at least size 4mm) and work it up in UK double-crochet.

Once you’ve finished, you’ll have a sturdy yet malleable dish, that can hold pegs, keys, fruit, Lego…you name it. Once my hands have recovered, I’ll be making some more…I quite like the idea of dipping the tops in paint too….

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