It’s not all cooing and crochet…

Well, maybe a little bit…quite a lot…

This week one of Sam’s awesome key workers at nursery goes on maternity leave (boo!). She’s brilliant and has him pegged to the extent that we’re scared of her too…And she is used as a threat throughout the area when kids misbehave at meal times “we’ll tell Kelly!” I’m thinking about seriously pretending to Sam that I have her phone number and I’ll dob him in even though she isn’t there.

So a lovely lady deserves a nice gift -more baby blanket making this week. It’s a pretty simple on for crochet-nuts: soft ripples in double crochet (in sets of 6, where you alternate two 6th stitches crochetted together and the other 6th stitch worked twice to create the up and down). I made it wide enough to swaddle, but mostly for car seats/buggy cosy. The middle section is plain rows of triple crochet, and then two chunky triple rows around the outside. Done. Hope she likes it! x

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