The cold that won’t go away…

It’s been two weeks…Honestly. I think given the recent news about growing resistance to antibiotics, the common cold will be the end of the human race as we know it. Cockroaches and squirrels will prevail…

Anyway, feel like crap so thought I’d winge, and share some remedies that I’ve mostly been going through at a rate of knots in the last fortnight.

1. Sainsburys raspberry, cranberry and echinacea tea. Only about 70p, ruins your teeth less than hot Ribena;
2. Sainsburys green tea with jasmine -because drinking pink tea all day can get a bit weird;
3. Homemade bread made into toast. Tastes ace.
4. Good old fashioned Radox bubble bath. The green one. It works.
5. Port.

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