My Fabric Family Tree…

I’ve been tidying and having a sort out recently(were hopefully selling our house) and I realised that I have something of a fabric obsession. It’s genetic. Can’t argue with it.

Then I got me a thinking about where all these pieces came from, and there were some good times…Some pretty icky screaming baby times too, but I realised I have quite the stash to pass on to my kids and family in the future. Nice thought that.

1. (Mum) Sam’s Birth 2008;
2. (Aimee) Hattie’s Birth 2012;
3. (Mum) Hattie’s Birth 2012;
4. (Me!) Whilst pregnant with Hattie 2012;
5. (My Nan) My Birth 1981;
6. (My Nan) Hattie’s Birth 2012;
7. (My Nan) My Brother’s Birth 1985 (I think…!);
8. (My Nan) Sam’s Birth 2008;
9. (Me!) Sam’s first big bed 2010;
10. (Mum) Our wedding 2006:
11. (Mum) Leaving for university (2000).

I’m going to happily add to my collection (of fabric, not children) if it means I have a little story to tell. What’s in your cupboards?xx

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