Teach a toddler to sew…

There’s probably an Early Years list of all the things a four year old should be able to do…In fact there is and I haven’t read it. But if I was in charge of writing such things, I think this would be on it…It’s a pre-cursor to tying your shoelaces and really works on the fine motor skills. Plus it requires concentration which is never a bad thing! This is a cheaper version of the precut threading cards you can buy…My next experiment is to cut out random photo’s from magazines, back them onto card and get Sam to thread away…A Boris Johnson one would make me giggle!

You will need:
A hole punch
Sturdy card
A blunt darning needle
Yarn scraps

How to:
This is pretty self-explanatory but hey ho… I got Sam to trace around my hand with a pencil onto the card, then we cut it out. Sam then set to with the hole punch and made lots of holes.
Then, tie one end of a length of yarn through a hole, thread the needle and away they go!

Tip: Tie a small knot to secure the needle (prevents slippage) and never cut more yarn than the distance from your child’s hand to their shoulder…seems to cut down on the tangles!

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