Making a week…

This week has been about the making -I still can’t get the balance right between actually producing stuff and blogging/etsy-ing and doing the research you need to get going! That, and I had to remake the little kitty cats made earlier in January as good old Royal Mail has them ‘somewhere’ over the Atlantic…grrr.

So this is what I got up to…More on certain projects later but happily I have completed some and have some happy ideas underway x

One: a lovely bakery visit (Hitchin) starts things off well -French bread that actually tastes French! If you’re in the area, pop in and give it a try;

Two: my lovely friend Sarah passed on nearly 90 Craft magazines that her Grandmother had given her -it was a fabulous surprise and will keep me going craftwise, probably indefinitely!

Three: I learnt to ‘ripple’ (hurrah!) in crochet, and made my first practise piece into a cushion;

Four: Daffies galore -I have a sneaky idea for spring flowers in tins;

Five: I checked out ‘Staffy b’ in Baldock which is a covetable interiors shop where they sale substantial offcut bundles for £5…

Six: and then I made some lavender bags out of the bits!

Seven: I’m trying to use up the random tiny balls of wool I have left from other projects and so I’ve decided the make up lots of diddy circles. Seems to be a quick way of trying out different colour combinations quickly…I feel a reference cushion coming on!

Eight: Sam and I (and Hattie but she was asleep so it doesn’t really count) joined the library…Scandalous I know that it’s taken this long, but Sam thought it was amazing, and I made him a book bag for the job;

Nine: Today was a pirate party…and 5 mins before we were due to leave, I realised we had no wrapping paper…Jim’s idea was ace -brown paper and a quick treasure map doodle!

What were you up to last week? More importantly, in a week of pancakes and love hearts, what will you be getting up to?

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