Supermarket sweep…

A techy-crafty make this week, in time for a toddler’s birthday!

I decided to make shopping list cards for Sam’s little mate because she has the IKEA kitchen and a stack of plushie food to go with it. I figured these could also be used when in a real supermarket to keep the little dudes quiet for 10 seconds longer than the 10 seconds they usually last before making embarrassing comments about other shoppers…”Why is that man fat mummy?”…”That lady has wrinkles, she must be super old”…That sort of thing.

First I photographed the food individually on a bright window sill with my SLR -camera phone just didn’t cut it and I needed a sharp image. Then I used the trusted to make up a collage with 9 images and transparent borders. The text was added using the ‘everyday casual’ font (their fonts are ace, worth checking it out for this alone!).

Printing was done in Boots with their plug in machine-thingy. Then I finished off by glueing some card on to stiffen, and Fablon-ed the front Blue Peter style (I would have got them laminated but the lady in the shop only had a wicked hot one that would melt photo’s). The idea is that they can cross off veggies with a dry-wipe marker and be cleaned off with a babywipe.

I also indulged my teachery side (been dormant since July) and rustled up some work sheets with ticky boxes and suggested activities to make the most of the images. You can find your own copies here. I honestly had tons of fun playing around with this idea, and might even start making my own pictoral shopping lists just to sparkle up Monday’s! x

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