Blind leading the blind!

So Hannah and I set about another project (as if wrestling FOUR kids under 5 on a freezing day wasn’t enough)…To whip up blinds for her playroom. Her mum (ace lady of fine ideas) thought this one through -how to make blinds without cords that can cause horrid accidents when kids get involved. We’ve all seen the stories.

These are basically ‘pop-up’ blinds using buttons and tabs, with a self-extending pole at the top. This means that they are pretty safe from prying fingers, and can be whipped down and bunged in the washing machine when spills happen/random child explosions. We’ve all cleaned that mess up.

It took the day, a good deal of head scratching, but we got a good result.

To that end, I’ve written out the instructions in (hopefully) a user friendly format, as a bit of a tester to start putting these ideas on etsy. If you’d like to sample them, and provide some feedback, I’d be mightily grateful. Just e-mail me at and I’ll send you over a copy.

Thanks for dropping by!x

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