Battling Britain (with pegs and pipe cleaners)…

Aimee (awesome farmers wifey) taught me how to make these this afternoon…She needed a peg related craft for WI and had found this on a trip to Duxford (aka plane mecca)…Read on for spiffing spitfire destructions (I’m going to try this with Sam on Wednesday) x

You will need:
One old fashioned peg
A5 card
Dab of glue
Pipe cleaner

To Make:
Fold your card in half and copy the template from the image opposite. Folding it means when you cut it out you have identical pieces. Colour in with a spiffing spitfire design (do a google search for images, or make the most of you local library like Aim did and pop in for a book).

Fold back in half and slot into the peg. Then, cut out the small rectangle and glue to the top and wings either side. This stops the wings falling off! Then, take the upper two tail fins, bend up, glue and colour the reverse.

Take the pipecleaner, and snip off 3 cm at the end. Bend the longer piece around the nub of the peg, leaving two ends sticking out. Wire in the short piece for the third propeller. Make spitfire engine noises and zoom around the kitchen. x

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