Be Mine Valentine…

Just when you thought you uld put away the fabric scraps after Christmas decoration making… Valentines Day gives us girlies the green light to propose…even though I’m married I might just ask hubbie again (he better say yes…).

But why buy a card that ends up being blown off the shelf (i’m sure there’s another dodgy parallel there) when you could rustle up a heart from scraps, making something pretty out of the bits left behind (ok, I’ve gone really Mills and Boon now)?!

Read more for how to make!

How To:

Gather scraps of fabric, ribbons, threads and beads all in similar tones. Bit of wadding goes well too.

Cut out two hearts (front and back) using a cookie cutter as a template, or print off one from the web (or PowerPoint basic shapes!).

Decorate the front heart anyway you like, then stitch to the back, leaving a small gap for stuffing. Stuff and sew gap closed.

Add hanging ribbon…and loops through engagement ring…x

(Easy, like a Mills and Boon heroine)

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