All I want for Christmas…

With less than a week to go, I have come to the realisation that I long to be the fairy on top of the Christmas tree, but sadly, due to 6 million mince pies I eat from November through to February, I am only destined to be a dumpy bauble, slightly dented and tucked around the back…either that or the sturdy support for the tree itself.

Perhaps if I cover myself with enough glitter and sparkle, and shin my way up the nearest Leylandii the resultant effect on height/aspect/perspective will make me look like I’ve descended from the heavens…probably to end up in a mangled sparkly mess in the nearest A&E unit.

Anyway, if stuck for what to get either myself (ahem… blog-stalking-husband note) or the glitter obsessed lady in your life, you could do a lot worse than this little lot.

Sparkly Sneakers from
Sequins from the craft mecca that is Hobbycraft  (99p)
Glitter Nail Polish Nails Inc 3D (£11)
Sparkly Collar Aynur Dereli at etsy (£22.02)
Beautiful Headpiece LaBoheme at Etsy (£98)
Metallics Satchel (I have a red one and it’s going to last forever, they are ace!!) from Metallics collection (£125)
Personalised word bangle found at the inspired  (£59)…I’d probably go for really naughty words on mine, seeing as the bangles are small and you’d have to be close enough to catch a glimpse…sneaky.
Snowflake Earrings from Rinnovato vintage on etsy ($20)

And if all else fails visit Yep, they really do sell wands and provide a helpful instruction manual to make the most of your magic…really.

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