Baby it’s cold outside…

Draught excluders…not the sexiest topic, but might actually save some pennies on the heating bill this year. I made mine in less than an hour a long time ago, and it gets brought out every winter…which says something about the draughty houses I live in I guess.

You will need:
Two old pillows (or you can pick up basic IKEA skinny ones for a couple of quid)
A stretch of fabric to cover the pillows snuggly (an old blanket, cut off trouser leg, pillow cases, you get the idea)
Anything you like to decorate
Sewing bits and bobs.

To Make:
Measure out the fabric against the pillows and cut enough to make a skinny tube. Where as with most sewing you need to leave a seam allowance, with this you need to go at least half and inch smaller all the way around to ensure a tight fit.

Sew up three of the sides to make a tube. If you wanted applique letters or a design added, make sure you do this first on one of the tube sides. Stuff tube with pillows.

With the spare end, tie a big chunky knot.

Chuck down by draught door and feel your bill-budget going a smidge further!

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