On the fifth day of Christmas she started getting her act together…

Cards using stitchery photos -try printed.com

Bloody hell I’m running out of time! Having spent most of my maternity leave eating homemade mince pies and musing about Christmas I reach this point where I realise that I’ve done nothing actually productive to make this whole shebang happen…

That’s not strictly true, as I have got some cards printed, made some nice lookin’ embroideries as decorations and thought about presents…but still…

Things I have thus-far learnt:
1. A large well-known toy warehouse (ahem!) is in fact a temple to plastic and ferbies, which if you make it to the pink section in the far right corner will in fact steal your soul;
2. Eating mince pies and making masterchef-esque comments about pastry quality does not in fact consitute Christmas preparations;
3. Absolutely everything (including stamps) is too expensive;
4. There is no longer very much time to make/craft/thrift, however, like all good essays, dissertations and job interviews, pressured preparation might yield the best results.

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