Drinking, Reading, Fishing?

Drinking: Babycham -It’s not just about the thrifted glasses, or the placemats…I actually like this stuff…and at three days overdue, a little fizzy tipple (responsibly) might just help quell the impatience, if not kick start things off.
Reading: I love election result breakdowns and analysis -who voted when, for whom and where. It’s my form of trashy gossip magazine, where human behaviour is picked over and put back together in an effort to make sense of why we have the leaders that we do. The next question is where exactly to put my A2 Times exit data poster…
Fishing?: Being enormous and grumpy, means that the smallest chance to escape the house cannot be sniffed at -This morning Han took me and the kids (not sure who was more mature out of myself, toddler 1 or toddler 2) to a garden centre…Not only did they have a most excellent selection of hyper-active hamsters, they had some beautiful fish and even jellyfish…Really chuffed at how these colours turned out.

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