Diddy Crochet Pumpkin Giveaway!

I have 5 mini pumpkins looking for a new home! The first 5 people to e-mail me their name and address at jencrumpukyahoocom will get one of these little chaps in the post as soon as humanly possible (depending where you live in the world…) Just because I’m nice…and starting to get over-run with small orange pumpkins….
If you want to make your own, you’re going to need:
Orange and green yarn (really small amounts!)
Two black beads and invisible thread
A crochet hook (about size 3 but it really doesn’t matter too much)
A smidge of toy wadding (or cotton wool from the bathroom cabinet)
Darning needle and normal sewing needle

To make:

In Orange:
-Chain at least 12 stitches (about 10cm depending on tension and your hook/yarn size);
-Turn, and work a row of single crochet, starting with the second loop along from needle. At end of row, ch1 and turn.
-Keep working rows of single crochet until you have a rectangle approx 12-15cm in length.
-Fasten off and leave a tail of 15cm for sewing up.
-With needle and tail, gather the sides and fasten tightly (this is the base), then matching the stitches in the cast on and fastened off rows sew up the sides.
– Add stuffing, then gather the remaining side and fasten tightly, passing the needle through top and base (through the middle) to form the desired pumpkin shape.

In Green:
– Chain 5, and join into a circle with slip stitch;
– Chain 2, then double crochet into the circle until all the way around snuggly. Join circle with slipstitch;
-Chain one, then carefully remove loop from hook and pass up the middle of the circle. The wrong side of the circle forms the base of the stalk, you are now going to work the stalk up the middle!
– Chain 7-10 stitches, then turn and single crochet twice up and down this row. Fasten off with a reasonable tail.
– With needle and tail, secure stalk to other side of the circle. If you gather through the stalk stitches you can adjust the tension to add a curve which looks quite cute.
– Place the stalk on top of pumpkin and sew with a couple of stitches under the base. Fasten off and trim.
– Add eyes!

If you work this in double crochet, or even triple, you get a chunkier pumpkin -play around with the original orange rectangle width for taller pumpkins!

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