Let it Sew, Let it Sew, Let it Sew…

It’s getting to that cheesy time of year, and I have to confess that I am a reformed scrooge…This morning my Christmas cards turned up (more of that next week) which was very exciting, and yesterday I ‘helped’ (read ‘hindered’) Han in making some handmade tree decorations. Despite a traumatic sewing history involving lessons at school and sewing herself to her work, by the end of the afternoon, no-one had cried and she had a found her stitchy-groove.

Han had got the initials of key family members printed in a large sized font (I think it was at least 132??!) and then glued them onto a cereal box to make a sturdy template. Cut two pieces of glittery felt (who knew this existed?), ribbon, a simple running stitch around the outside, a smidge of toy wadding and some jingly bells and voila!

These make lovely little presents that can be used again next year, or even gift tags…I like the idea of bottles of homemade sloe gin with the initial of the recipient around the neck…but then I like the idea of sloe gin in general.

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