Crocheted heatproof mat…

It doesn’t sound terribly sexy, and my initial title was ‘Rasta-Mat’ but that only works if you have Cbeebies and a child under 5… I’d never crocheted in circles before and it’s really easy! Anyway, I had a go and covered a mat, which we’ve been using to park the teapot on. Grab an old cork mat and off you go!

You will need:
Acrylic yarn scraps (just because they are easy to clean and won’t shrink, but wool is awesomely heatproof if you spill less than me)
Hook (choose a size relative to the yarn)
Old cork mat
Darning needle

To Make:
-Ch4 and jn with Slp Stch;
-If working in trebles, ch3 and then treble enough into the ring to fill it snuggly, join with slp stch. (If doubles, ch2 etc).
– In the first round, ch3 (or 2) and work 2 trb (or dch) into each stitch.
– In the second round increase every other stitch and continue in this manner until it is wide enough to fit your mat. The basic rule is on the 3rd round, increase every 2 stitches, on the 4th round increase every three and so on. Feel free to experiment with a variety a doubles, trebles and singles depending on the scraps you have.
-Once you get to the edge, complete one circle without any increases to allow for the depth of the mat, then fit the mat inside, flip over and start in the opposite manner with decreases. For example, my mat is about the size of a cake plate, so I decreased (by every 6th stitch in the first round, then 5th and so on…).
-When you reach the middle, cast off leaving a 4 inch piece of yarn, then using a darning needle, secure the middle stitches. Cork mat secured in a blanket.

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