Little Miss Party Bags…

Sam’s been invited to a party (very exciting) for 4 girls at nursery who are turning 4. The parents are really sweet and said not to worry about gifts as there are 4 of them, but it’s nice to bring along…

These little shopping bags are really quick and easy to whip up out of bits and bobs from my fabric box. It didn’t really use a pattern -just made sure that any patched pieces fitted to A5 size with a 2cm turn over seam allowance at the top. Piece all the fabric, then before you sew the sides and bottom, make sure you turn over and sew the top seam, add any embellishments that need to be done on a machine, and add handles. The handles are a simple strip of fabric, with seams rolled, pressed and stitched on one side. Easy peasy. Whizz up the sides, turn the right way in, press and add buttons and beads. Smile.

Top Tip: Press, press and press again! Use of a bloomin’ hot iron will really make the difference to the overall look and it also makes stitching remarkably easy if everything has been pressed flat.

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