Eating, Reading, Fixing…

Eating: Carrot cake -this was another Delia recipe from her baking book, that uses oil instead of butter…Initially suspicious, but makes a really ace cake! Tweaked it a bit with some of my pumpkin spice mix, orange drizzle icing on top and chopped apricots in the the middle as that’s what I like…

a lovely surprise!

Reading: The Simple Things Issue 2 -really enjoying these, especially the cooking articles (Pregnancy obsession) and the way that articles are separated into dawn, day and dusk. The photography is beautiful too…

Fixing: All the loose ends on my granny square blanket which makes me go cross-eyed, even the glasses have been put back into use (not since I left work!). Also switched from sewing the squares together to crocheting them with slip stitch which gives you such a neater finish I’m converted! Now for some edging…

And finally: The big crochet flower swap (run by The Making spot) came through this week with a beautiful crochet flower made by Natasja King @ wwwcrochetimewordpresscom… I’m going to either add a magnet from my fridge or a brooch back…Check out her blog for more pretty hooky things!

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