Eating, Reading, Fixing…

Eating: Lunch at Cafe Rouge with husband (payment for painting the hall ceiling, getting in the loft and hoovering under the bed…), followed by coffee and a big old lemon meringue in bed. If you’re ever in this neck of the woods, Halsey’s Deli in Hitchin does the best meringues, about the size of your head and stacked up in the window like a shop from Harry Potter.

Reading: The new Kirstie Allsop book that Jim pre-ordered for me ~‘Kirstie’s Vintage Home’. I’ll be having a go at p. 154, the crocheted jellyfish first.

Fixing: This is a bit of a granny square heap challenge in an attempt to clear up some of the odds and ends from my yarn tub. For granny square inspiration, pop along to Pip Lincolne’s blog ‘Meet Me at Mike’s’ and join the granny a day project (#grannyaday).

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