A pinch of spice and all things nice…

So after a couple of weeks of trying to track down Pumpkin Spice mix in the UK, and subsequently realising it would cost me at least £20 to import some, I figured there had to be an easier way! Having cross-referenced several pie recipes and with a little trial and error (and plenty of sneezing) this is what I came up with:

Bodged-pie spice mix:
Equal quantities of ground allspice, cinnamon and nutmeg.

Mix on a saucer or in a shallow bowl first as this helps to gauge quantity. I found a cafe (as in ‘Caff’, nothing posher) shaker for 94p in a local hardware shop that I thought was cute, made a small cone out of greaseproof paper and scooped in the mix. A cute sticker on the front (thanks Kate!) and we were done.

Five uses for your spice shaker:
1. Make your own spiced coffee -either sprinkle on the top of some cream if you’re being really cheeky, or stir in;

2. Stir into hot milk before bedtime -even better when lazing in a hot bath, might actually help you wind down and sleep!;

3. Sprinkle over some piped butter cream icing on the top of cupcakes (even better if the sponge is carrot cake);

4. Add to some melted butter with a tblsp of brown sugar, drizzle over just popped corn, spread on a baking tray and pop into an oven for 5 mins until crunchy again;

5. Add to pie!!

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