Here come the boys…

So I’ve been a little obsessed by gingerbread and Christmas this week, and have actually started talking to the little dudes that have jumbled their way out of my work box…

(Top row from left to right)

Alf is a friendly and dependable type of gingerbread man -a bit shy around the gingerbread ladies but you know he’ll always help you out in a fix. Not one for flashy dressing he sports three glass buttons down his front and a functional orange ribbon.This is one Christmas tree decoration that could easily cheer up your kitchen throughout the year…you’ll get used to him hanging around.

Rupert is a bit of a wolly -we love him really but he is best described as bounder! He tries hard, but always looks a little awkward-judging by the fluted buttons, if gingerbread men worde shirts, his would be ruffled.Probably best in his role as Hugh’s wing-man, you won’t fail to love him, exasperating as that might be!

Hugh has a big heart! Quintessentially British, he bimbles a bit and has trouble expressing himself, but once you’ve work your charms, Hugh will be smitten with you forever.A lover, not a fighter, this little gingerbread lothario really needs to be placed on a tree next to an angel, or fairy, or somewhere his big heart and felty hugs can be appreciated.

(Bottom row, left to right)

An intellectual and dandy, Marcel will bring a touch of something dapper to the Christmas tree with his natty green bow tie and well trimmed moustache. He can get a little above his station and in a previous bakery related life, was known to order the flour and eggs about a bit. But if you have some disorganised baubles and truculent tinsel on your tree, Marcel is the gent to sort it all out.

Clark is a bit of a thrill seeker and would best suit a spot high up on your Christmas tree where he can test his long-standing vertigo to the limits. With his chest emblazoned with an applique white star with gold trim, Clark always has a cheeky smile for the gingerbread ladies, and hopes that they see him as the baking equivalent of Evil Knievel…

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