National Wear a Tea Cosy on Your Head Day!

Clearly gone for the turned back inner trim reveal…classy…

Another one of the plethora of reasons I love being British and thoroughly non-sensical! Today is the day to don a tea cosy on your head and smile…It really is, honestly… Led by The White Company we are all being encouraged to display our inner tea pot for charity. Check out their website for competitions, more information about the charities that they support and how you can make a donation (and an idiot out of yourself).

Should you scandalously be lacking in the tea cosy department (shame on you!), or even worse, have never made tea in a tea pot, follow some simple steps to whip up your own…

1. Get yourself to a charity shop and purchase a tea pot. Check particularly for spout cracks as this can significantly effect the pour!
2. Gather two types of fabric (one inner and one outer), sewing machine and notions, and either some wadding (toy stuffing or patchwork wadding will do) or even an old fleecy blanket that you are done with. Anything insulating will do…ok, draw the line at anything sold in trade shops meant for lofts.
3. Draw on a piece of newspaper a semi-circle around your teapot allowing half an inch (or 2.5cm) seam allowance. Cut this out.

A little applique madam?

4. Using your ad-hoc pattern, pin and cut out two inners, outers and paddings.
5. Make a sandwich with your layers: inner, wadding, outer, outer, wadding inner.
6. Turn over and sew the base seams of each half sarnie (you can zig-zag the edges if this is tricky, or add contrast bias binding if feeling flash!).
7. Sew all of the top semi-circle of the sandwich together and turn right way out.
8. Voila! Make tea (you are seriously on your own there, I’m not about to get into an argument about pot warming or milk in first).

Obviously, this is a SUPER-basic concept -the more experienced stitchers amongst you will be able to get smart with hidden seams, add some applique and a tag. But I would rather all houses had a pot and cosy than none at all!x

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