Marvellous Muzzies…

or, how to make mopping up baby puke slightly more attractive…

I’ve been going through my old baby stuff and washing up the salvageable bits for this one…and came across a stack of grey, depressing muslins. Functionally, there’s nothing wrong with them and I can’t really justify binning them all on account of their pallor (if that rule applied to people, I’d have been on the scrap heap years ago), so I needed a plan…

I used Dylon Cold Water Dye tins and followed(ish) the instructions on the packet. It’s bloomin’ easy to change the colour of muslin given that it’s such a basic cloth. If you buy new ones and want to cheer them up/ personalise them as a gift, wash them on a hot cycle first to remove any of the manufacturers finish on the fabric, then dye.

Then, on a plain piece of cotton, I drew out eight 6cm x 6cm squares (making a card template first helped). Make sure you leave enough of a gap around each one to cut and turn the edges when you applique to the muslin. After practising some line sketches, I decided upon 8 designs and embroidered onto the squares -keep it simple and make sure all your loose ends are neatly tied in to prevent little fingers unpicking them!

 Once the muslins were dry, ironed and I had finished stitching, trim out your squares and applique to the cloth. Here, you can either iron all the edges over first, use some Bondaweb to secure your patch or just turn the hem as you go. All depends on the time and skill you have really. A final running stitch finishes them off neatly. Job done! Can’t stop your kid puking, but can make wiping up the mess slightly more glam.

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