Leafy Prints…

IKEA clips

This started out as a project with Sam on a Wednesday but turned out far better than expected and still has my fingers twitching to carry on and experiment, so main page it is. We went to the woods at Rowney Warren, ostensibly to hunt the Gruffalo (there had been rumoured sightings amongst three year olds in the area). These woods are ace as they have lots of shelters made by highly enthusiastic Scouts or army personnel from the camps nearby that the Gruffalo could feasibly live in.

The owls are just about visible!

We collected some oak leaves and some ferns, and when we brought them home, splodged a whole heap of acrylic paint on them. You could use fabric paint for a permanent finish, but this was all I had at the time! We then pressed them onto plain white cotton and smudged it up a bit with our fingers. Yes, it’s messy and not the usual neat and tidy finish I’d go for, but I have to admit it works.

After it dried I made it up into a cushion cover for Sam’s bed -combined with some excellent bed linen (owls and spider’s webs) I found in IKEA and some dinky little owl clips that now cling to his lion and the curtain it all looks a bit autumnal and foresty. I’ve also saved the dried out leaves to make a mobile as they’ve gone all shiny and stuff and I figure with some wire, beads and twigs we could have a whole forest canopy thing going on. Happy days.

2 thoughts on “Leafy Prints…

  1. Not really! I'm technically on maternity leave, so I guess things might slow down in November when No.2 is born, and Sam goes to an ace pre-school 4 days a week…I just have tons of ideas and really enjoy bimbling about, kind of keeps me on the edge of sanity and is probably cheaper than therapy or a gym membership (I'm stupidly unfit!) 🙂


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