How many chickens could live in your hallway?

It appears that my traditional emergency exit (and in fairness, entrance) has significant limitations. Being a newish build house, the lovely designers tried to put a hallway into what is really a shoe box. It is actually impossible to take photo’s of the entire space without taking the front door off…

So I measured it and it represents a smidge over 4 cubic metres of space. Factoring in my increasing size, I reckon with me standing there, this reduces to 2 cubic metres. The Suburban Farmer recommends that you only have one chicken per square metre…so you can see there is a problem as I am definitely bigger than 2 chickens and likely to increase by another two chickens-worth in the next 10 weeks…

The only solution is to start using the patio doors, which does provide a better view in the morning, for both myself and the illusionary chickens. Decorating (the far more interesting bit) was also a challenge as trying to make a small space interesting is harder than you think. So please enjoy the pics of what I did with the place -I was kind of inspired by Wimbledon last year hence the green and the tennis racket, rest assured the shot-gun cartridges are empty and I drew a line at actually astro-turfing the floor…husband mentioned something about long-term resale value, but in fairness I wasn’t really listening!

How do you make the most of a small space? More interestingly, how many chickens could feasibly live in your hallway?

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