Three camels, a pirate and and a pink tractor…


Sometimes you bump into the unexpected. At the Young Farmers Essex Show (I know, more muddy than crafty), I met three lovely racing camels. Not the most normal thing to see in an Essex field, and it being Essex there are usually plenty of options in that department…The camels themselves were very chilled -not a hint of spitting- but what really caught my eye were the multi-coloured tassels on their bridles. Really rich, deep tones, much like a blanket I’ve been working on for about 4 months.

My crotchet blanket uses up all the odds-and-sods of wool that aren’t really big enough to do anything substantial with but not too small to consign to flower making. I’m also having a bit of a tidy up and have refused to buy any more wool until the little bits are even littler! About the size of a buggy blanket or childs throw it would be perfect to chuck in the car for later nights at friends, lifting a sleepy baby late into the car. Worked in trebles straight across in brights, interworked with greys and browns in double to break up the chaos! The edging is also a treble, worked with the extra stitches at the corners so it sits flat.

I also noticed the same tones on the merry-go-round, and loved the look of the lettering. A few close up’s later I’m thinking printing the signage off on photo transfer paper and putting onto calico, or even putting into a cross-stitch design. All ideas welcome!

And lastly, to the tractor and the pirate. The lovely pink tractor is used to raise money for Breast Cancer Research -and rightly too. If farmer wants a wife, then farmers wife comes with lovely boobs that need looking after, and if a pink tractor helps, then so be it! And the pirate flag was rustled up in felt and ribbon, stuck into my little boys room late at night, and in the morning he was convinced that they had been and visited…Not bad after the camel racing!

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