The cheap shot at humour is needed to make up for the icing on my cakes. It would be fair to say that is was more Black Hawk Down than Hummingbird Bakery, but hopefully you get the idea. Whilst my Dad has one ticket to sail in the Jubilee Flotilla, the rest of us are going to have to make do with inflating the dingy usually reserved for grey days at Cromer in July and sitting in the middle of the living room pretending to paddle said dingy.

To add to the sense of perspective provided by hundreds of boats on the TV that day, I’ve made some sails on cocktail sticks to put into fairy cakes -an edible boat race! simply cut small triangles of felt (like the baby bunting) and stitch two together, making sure it’s neat on both sides. When finished, wriggle in a cocktail stick and place into cake. It’s important you don’t fully secure the stick in so you can swap it for a clean one on the next batch of cakes. If you get really carried away, I’d pay to see a full on fondant-clipper with rigging!

Red, White and Moo…

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