Seeing 1970’s fabric in my sleep…

Tied up neatly…

I keep everything. And then I’m stuck with it, staring at me from neatly arranged piles in the corner. I take great pleasure in arranging things neatly, but at the end of the day, lots of neat piles is still a bloody mess. So on with the 1970’s fabric (so that’s one pile of stuff that will at least be getting smaller).

I hadn’t made a sketchbook since A Level art when someone taught us all how to do it. Again, it appealed to my need for precision and straight lines -there was a good deal of measuring and pressing pages flat. So here’s another one -A6 size, card mounted and ribbon tied shut. The pages are accordion which I’ve always thought was a cool -a sketch can spin over several pages or just stick to one. They can also cope with lots of tickets and stubs being glued in. All you need is a ruler, a craft knife, some PVA (glues like hell, never puts up a fight) and some double-sided sticky tape for sturdier fabric corners. I used a post-card to draw around as a size guide then measured 5mm wider again to allow for the cover to be  a smidge bigger than the paper inside (wrunkled edges = insomnia). I pinched my little man’s rolling pin from his play kitchen to make sure everything glued flat and was going to stay put…job done.


HOPE…Worth a shot -used up nearly 50cm x 50cm square of the stuff in one hit. Salvaged an old silk painting frame as a base then cut slightly larger to allow overlap around the back for stapling. The contrast felt was sneakily zig-zag stitched with my machine then the button collection raided for decoration (yep, I have rows of jars too). The stapling was tricky, mainly because my lovely industrial staple gun has appeared to have eloped with a packet of cable ties in the garage and I’ll be buggered if I can find it. So I improvised with the domestic version (kung-fu karate chops managed it) which was untidy but happily covered by the paper backing and some tape. Next time, I’ll stage a search mission and find the rascally device that’s really fit for the job.

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