Three Metres of 1970’s Fabric…

Fabric covered concertina sketchbook
Bags of Lavender (from a lovely farm in Hitchin)

The mission is on to make use of 3 metres of fabric that is vaguely reminiscent of the curtains in my parents old trailer tent. It was passed on by a lovely farmer’s wife who was probably equally unsure as to what to do with it…I mean a duvet cover might be just a tad frightening first thing in the morning and living room curtains would be taking my committment to 1970’s interiors too far. There’s brown, a good deal of orange and some yellow, and it’s all a bit floral really. But in small doses (which has the added benefit of going a long way) it looks almost ok.

Not sure which is more vintage -the cover or the iPod Mini…

Despite being slightly scared of it’s potential flammability (dislaimer alert for anyone who ends up with this in their house, it seems to be proving me wrong on all counts. Easy to shape, quite soft (great for iPod/iPhone covers), it comes up really neat and tidy…Bit of a 1970’s treasure really, not unlike my Dad…Now there’s a thought -swimming trunks!

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